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Sierra Capital GmbH provides its financial services in investment brokerage and investment advice pursuant to §2 (2) No. 3 and 4 WpIG as a tied agent pursuant to §3 (2) WpIG, solely for the account and under the liability of AHP Capital Management GmbH, Weissfrauenstrasse 12-16, 60311 Frankfurt.

"We put the investor at the center of our placement approach.
A deep understanding of their investment needs, proactive coverage and personal dedication, paired with strong expertise and passion for the product is the key to a successful relationship."

Stephanie Prelle | Managing Director

Sierra Capital
sierra placement agent


Sierra Capital was founded in 2018 as a place­ment agent for alter­native and struc­tured invest­ment solu­tions in Frankfurt, Germany.

Our primary objec­tive is to bring together high-quality asset ma­na­gers with our estab­lished insti­tu­tio­nal investor net­work in Germany. With Frankfurt being our home base, we operate in close proxi­mity to the inves­tors, which allows us to act as a reliable local repre­sen­tative for in­ter­natio­nal asset mana­gers. Our service goes beyond the pure place­ment of funds. We support our pro­duct part­ners not only with dedi­cated capital raising ser­vices, but also provide advi­sory sup­port to asset mana­gers in the product design phase, as well as acting as a local cover­age specia­list for on­going investor ser­vicing. 


We are ex­perts in liquid alter­native and struc­tured in­vest­ment so­lu­tions. An ex­per­tise we have built over more than 12 years while working for inter­natio­nal in­vest­ment banks in the struc­tured and liquid alter­native invest­ment pro­ducts space in London and Frankfurt.

We have deve­loped deep relation­ships with the German investor base while leading the distribution of liquid alternative invest­ment so­lu­tions to German institu­tional inves­tors for a global invest­ment bank in Frankfurt. 

With our back­ground in struc­turing complex deriva­tives and covering inter­national hedge funds and asset mana­gers for many years, we are well posi­tioned to select reliable and consis­tent established pro­duct part­ners, which we per­ceive to be the most suitable for the German inves­tor base. Our broad net­work in the liquid alter­natives space also allows us to source exceptional emerging mana­gers, which can help to diversify tradi­tional portfolios. 

placement agent
placement agent


We put the investor at the center of our appro­ach. Along­side an out­stan­ding product, we believe a good under­stan­ding of investors’ needs, and a diligent service and sustai­ned investor com­muni­cation with high quality stan­dards, builds the base of a successful placement appro­ach. Competent and com­mitted investor commu­nication, also after the placement of a product, is essen­tial for a stable part­ner­ship between  mana­ger and investor.

Vision and foresight for new deve­lop­ments is crucial for a success­ful selec­tion of the most rele­vant asset ma­na­ge­ment part­ners. When adop­tion new mana­gers, the inde­pen­dence from any corpo­rate struc­tures allows us to be selec­tive in the choice of our partners. We only represent mana­gers that we believe to offer out­stan­ding invest­ment oppor­tunities and that share our core values of high quality standards, relia­bility, dili­gence and trans­parency.


Stephanie Prelle is Mana­ging Director of Sierra Capital.

After her education in mathe­matics in Ger­many and the US, she started her career in the struc­turing team within the invest­ment bank Credit Suisse in London.

This was followed by roles in the institu­tional client cover­age teams at Credit Suisse and later Deutsche Bank in London. During this time, she was respon­sible for the cover­age on complex deriva­tive and strate­gic invest­ment solu­tions to hedge funds and asset mana­gers in the US and the UK, as well as pen­sion funds and insu­rance com­pa­nies in the US, UK and the Nordics. 

In 2013 Stephanie moved to Germany to develop the Equity and Liquid Alter­native Solu­tions busi­ness with insti­tutio­nal clients for Deutsche Bank in Germany. Since 2016 she held the role of Head of Equity Solu­tions for Germany and Austria. 

In 2018 Stephanie left Deutsche Bank to set up the placement agent Sierra Capital.  

Stephanie holds a Master’s de­gree in Financial Mathe­matics from Stanford University, Cali­fornia, USA and a Diplom in Financial and Eco­nomic Mathe­ma­tics from Tech­nische Uni­ver­sität München in Germany.

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